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Poultry Comfort cages

For more than 10 years, Alpha Farming has been in cage system production. Now we have developed a new model cage, Poultry Comfort Cage. Poultry Comfort Cage is the best choice for the hot and humid climate of Asian countries because of its standard dimensions.
We offer a full range of poultry cages for the commercial layer, breeder, broiler and pullet producer in all climates. The new line of Comfort Cage models has extra ventilation to keep early season birds comfortable through heavy heat and humidity. The Comfort Cages are designed with the same high-quality steel tubing, welded construction and all-welded doors that farmers have relied on for years from Alpha Farming.

Comfort Cage Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Alpha Farming industries are one of the best manufacturers of poultry farming equipment’s in Hyderabad. Alpha’s finest product is a poultry comfort caging system consisting of normal size and comfort style caging. The entire feature designed to enhance your flock health – disease resistance and lower mortality rate tremendously with less labour and time to maintain your facility. The temperature inside the cage can be controlled by using fans and pans filled with water. The Alpha Poultry cages are made of galvanized iron and have all the essential features required by modern poultry farming. These cages are available with different models such as the big battery, small battery, comfort cages model and layer cage.

Strong construction and design make Alpha Cages superior to all the other cages in the poultry industry. The double door ensures easy access to the birds while offering optimum protection for them. Each cage comes with a battery tray system that secures the feeding and watering equipment. The strong construction and frame make Alpha Cages a preferred choice among those who do not compromise on quality, the health of their birds and hygiene.

The Alpha Poultry Comfort Cage provides the perfect climate for poultry and is easy to maintain. The Alpha Poultry Comfort Cage is made from galvanized steel and is ideal for all poultry farming applications. Our ventilation system ensures that your chickens’ home remains fresh and clean, preventing harmful bacteria and other unwanted particles.

Available in the following models

18” X 15” = 4 bird/box. 20” X 15″ = 5 bird/box. 20″ X 18″ = 6 bird/box.

Special features: