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Poultry Cooling Equipments

We at Alpha Farming Equipments provide an array of poultry cooling equipments like environment control system, Exhaust Fans, control system cooling pads, circulation fans and aircool circulation fans.
Cooling chicken houses is a great way to reduce the stress chickens experience during hot weather. By simply spraying them with water, you can cool poultry to an acceptable temperature without the use of chemicals, fuel or electricity—a lifesaver on overcast days. For growers who also rely on evaporative cooling systems, understanding and operating these systems properly when they are in use is essential. Cool cell pads produce cool air directly by the evaporation of water onto an open pad of material. They do not replace house ventilation fans and should be operated only during warm weather or hot conditions.
This Poultry Cooling Systems booklet will help poultry growers understand the relationship between temperature and humidity and it’s the effect on the birds. It explains evaporation, dew-point temperature, relative humidity, profiles of air temperature and humidity, the maximum comfort zone of chickens, how to measure relative humidity, how cooling systems work and the effects of dew-point temperature on cooling systems. Chicken loads were kept to a maximum of 35 birds per kilowatt to ensure optimum cooling system performance. The Pad-Cool system employs a series of bridge-like structures that are placed horizontally down the room between the cooling pads. This provides space for the chickens to move about and provides air circulation around the birds.
Alpha Farming Equipments provides Poultry cooling equipment that is designed to provide cool air along with a suitable environment for the birds. These Equipment are designed for low-pressure drop and efficiency in their application. The equipment’s operation is very simple; maintain an optimal temperature in poultry houses or cockerels area using a cooling system, then cool the air by using exhaust fans, circulate them through cooling pads and lastly pass them to the house again by circulation fans. This is proposed based on large scale industrial architecture and centralized flow of air in poultry houses.
cooling pad

Environment - Control System Cooling Pads

exhaushion fan

Alpha -Exhaust Fan


environment Controller

Environment Controller

air circulation fan

Aircool Air Circulation Fan-36''

CFM: 12000, AIR THROW: 50'
MOTOR: 415V/AC,1/2hp,singleph,960rpm


Aircool Circulation Fan- 36"

CFM: 12000, AIR THROW: 50'
MOTOR: 415V/AC,1/2hp,singleph,960rpm

Poultry Cooling Equipment Manufacturers

The Alpha Farming Equipments has started with poultry cooling equipment manufacturing as a subsidiary as its parent company is in the production of Cooling Plants for many decades. The above cooling equipment is specially designed with the latest technology to meet the need of fresh farmers for the hot climate of India. We manufacture the whole range of Egg Coolers, Broiler Cooler and Quail Cooler in our company.
The summer poses a huge challenge for poultry farmers. They need to keep their chickens cool and warm throughout the day and night. This means that they have to use their best efforts to cool their animals, houses and feed. But it’s not just the food and water that need to stay cool. The little animals must be cooled as well. Alpha Farming Equipments has a solution for hot weather with poultry cooling equipment like exhaust fans, control system cooling pads, circulation fans, and air-cool circulation fans.
Alpha Farming Equipments offering a complete control system that maintains the right temperature and humidity for your chickens to breed healthily. To ensure the well being of poultry birds, Alpha Farming Equipments provide a controlled environment using the most modern technologies available in the market. These equipment include Exhaust Fans, circulating fans, humidity control systems and natural air cooling.
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