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poultry DisInfecting Equipments

The little giant flame gun is a complete poultry house disinfecting system that will be able to keep the full shed clean and in good condition. It will help you save even more on your heating bills, and will provide a healthier environment for your birds to live in. Our new flame gun, designed for the disinfection of poultry houses with a single flame. The device is powered by batteries or via the outlet. It is very helpful when cleaning operations in poultry shed with laying hens, quails. The device can enter an incubation room and an egg collection room, providing deep disinfection of the entire poultry house.

Alpha Farming Flame Guns

The Flame Gun is safe, effective and very useful equipment for disinfecting poultry houses. It is designed for the disinfection of poultry houses, as well as for the disinfection of equipment and tools used in the poultry industry. The Flame Gun can also be used for disinfecting larger surfaces such as walls, floors, roofs and ceilings with minimal energy consumption and little environmental pollution.
The Flame Gun has a pressure range that can be varied for different purposes and is available with either 1 or 4 flame nozzles. It/s used for disinfection purposes, heat treatment, finishing of fatty poultry tissue or as a complementary ration treatment. This equipment is fitted with an electronic ignition device and can be operated by remote control and allows for basic speed adjustment.
The Flame Gun is a portable, hand-held instrument that uses a flame to kill pathogens. The Flame Gun provides complete cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, simplifying the process of decontaminating poultry facilities to meet federal disease control and prevention regulations.
Alpha farming poultry disinfecting equipment offer’s a reliable way to sterilize poultry houses and other farm structures. Our disinfecting flame guns kill salmonella, listeria and other food poisoning bacteria on surfaces quickly and efficiently. The bright blue flame helps ensure that you reach every surface of the poultry house including walls, ceilings, doors, and windowsills. When it comes to making sure the right conditions for poultry health are maintained, our flame guns can get the job done.
Flame gun is used for house disinfection, kills bacteria and reduce bacteria load in the shed. It has 1 single nozzle, but there is an option with 4 nozzles.
Alpha Farming Flame Gun – 1 Nozzle

Specification: Alpha Farming Flame Gun – 1 Nozzels

LP Gas Consumption : Min. 300 G/Hr. - Max. 400 G/Hr.
Operating Gas Pressure:0.2-1.2 Kgs./Sq.Cm.(3-17Lbs./Sq.Inch)
Calorific Value : Min. 3,600 KCal./Hr. - Max. 4,800 KCal./Hr.
Flame Size : 1" Long, 3" Wide
Weight : 2.5 Kgs.
Dimension : 720 mm Length with 3mt. Flexible Pipe
Temperature Range : 7000 - 8000C

Alpha Farming Flame Gun – 4 Nozzels

Specification: Alpha Farming Flame Gun – 4 Nozzels

LP Gas Consumption : Min. 1200 G/Hr. - Max. 2000 G/Hr.
Operating Gas Pressure : 0.2 - 1.2 Kgs./Sq. Cm.(3-17 Lbs./Sq.Inch)
Calorific Value : Min. 14,400 KCal./Hr. - Max. 18,000 KCal./Hr.
Flame Size : 1'Long, 1.5'Wide
Weight : 5 Kgs.
Dimension : 300 mm Width,2mtr.Length with 3mt.Flexible Pipe
Temperature Range : 7000 - 8000C