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Curtain System

Alpha farming curtain systems are used in poultry houses to protect the birds from direct sunlight, rain and harsh winter conditions. The system is made of steel and is powder-coated to prevent rusting. The curtain winches system is exclusively designed for poultry houses. These are crafted using superior quality basic materials. The frame and gearbox are made of superior grade steel that is powder-coated to prevent rusting of the frame. The heavy-duty drum has a diameter of 380mm and is a drum wound with a steel cable that runs on a safety carrier which ensures smooth operation.

Alpha farming curtain winches are expertly designed to efficiently lift the curtains and save you time in your poultry house. Built with high-quality material, they can withstand regular weather conditions. The flange shackle helps to ensure the safety of your poultry when working with the curtain.

Curtain System

Curtain Winches Manufacturer & Suppliers

We are a leading curtain winches manufacturer for poultry houses, have developed a complete solution for its poultry farming customers to provide flexibility and control over the curtains in their poultry houses. Alpha Winch Curtain System, it is a unique and specialized product designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers.

We supply poultry curtains in various sizes, shapes and designs. The curtain consists of two layers of Polyethylene film which overlaps at the bottom and is brought together on a cord on the top. This creates a partition, which is hung in the poultry house using the Alpha farming curtain winches. These polythene curtains are transparent; hence a small amount of light passes through them. The dust is prevented from entering the poultry house by these curtains. This significantly reduces outbreaks of diseases in the poultry flock, such as blackhead disease, Newcastle disease or coccidiosis.