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Concertina Razor Blade Wire

Concertina Razor Blade Wire
Concertina Razor Blade Wire
Concertina Razor Blade Wire is manufactured using a Central Core of high tensile wire – around which a tape of razor-sharp barbs is machine crimped. The resulting Razor Blade concertina wire is therefore exceedingly difficult to cut using hand tools. Concertina Razor Blades are a common feature of modern security systems and are used in commercial applications such as secure bins/containers or vehicle barriers, or on public installations such as schools, offices, warehouses etc.

Razor Wire Concertina is made from high-tensile wire with razor-sharp barbs around the circumference of the coil, which make it very hard to cut using standard cutting equipment. The razors have a piercing and gripping action that helps the blades to stop climbing attempts.

Concertina Razor Blade Wire is a metal barrier that is used to secure buildings, doors and windows. Constructed from high tensile razor wire wrapped around a central steel core, this security wire has thousands of barbs that act as hooks to prevent removal without the correct cutting equipment. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications as well as domestic and commercial purposes.

Concertina Razor Blade Wire is the ultimate in security and is designed to effectively keep people and vehicles at a distance. This razor wire is ideal for hard to maintain’ sites where other wire would be difficult to install and remove. Concertina Razor Blade Wire is recognised as the best available.
Concertina Razor Blade Wire is ideal for use as a security barrier, to protect premises, property or vehicles from intrusion. Concertina Razor Blade Wire can be fitted to steel frames for making instant fences or barriers. Concertina Razor Blade Wire is the most effective razor wire available.
This is a concertina razor blade wire is manufactured using the best quality high tensile steel wire which provides superior strength. Concertina razor blade wire has greater cutting power as compared to flat razor blade wire because the barbs are specially designed using a combination of wedge-shaped and triangle-shaped blades. We export and supply the best quality Concertina Razor Blade Wire all over India and abroad. We manufacture our products in line with the international market standards using the highest grade raw material.